Oranmore Beef

Welcome to 'Our Farm'

Nestled on our family-owned farm, 10 minutes from our restaurant, Oranmore House takes pride in maintaining a haven for organic, grass-fed Pedigree Aberdeen Angus cows.  We are delighted to announce that our Oranmore Beef will be launching in April / May 2024.  We cannot wait to share more details with you of our launch date but in the meantime keep reading about Oranmore Beef and how it started!

From Our Farm,
to your plate

Oranmore House is delighted to be launching ‘Oranmore Beef’ this Spring 2024.  With our haven for organic, grass-fed Aberdeen Angus cows, our vision is to deliver the finest produce to our patrons and we thus have embarked on a journey to bring you the very essence of quality and freshness.

Driven by our passion to deliver unparalleled dining experiences, we’ve dedicated ourselves to sourcing only the finest produce for our esteemed customers. Every bite enjoyed at our restaurant reflects our unwavering dedication to excellence, starting from the very pastures at our Co. Antrim Beef.

Join us on this new journey where the essence of farm-to-table dining comes to life, we invite you to savour the exceptional flavours of our grass-fed Aberdeen Angus beef, straight from Our Farm to your plate at Oranmore House.

Tasting Sessions

On Friday 19th April, we held our first Tasting Session to showcase Oranmore Beef featuring a six-course tasting menu. Stay tuned for more Summer dates, coming soon.

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