Located in the salubrious area of Galgorm in Ballymena, Oranmore House takes pride in its Sustainability Policy & the Environment

Sustainably plays a large part of everything that we do here at Oranmore House. From growing many of our own vegetables, salads and herbs to composting and recycling as much as we can.  And did we mention, having our own hens who supply eggs for our guests breakfasts.

Sustainability is our Future!

We believe in eating in season. We grow a large amount of the vegetables, salads & herbs used in Oranmore House Restaurant. And for those food items that we have to source, we make sure that we source locally. We also have our own hens which provide all of our eggs and we compost all of our food waste!


Deliciously locally grown food from Farm to Fork

We try to grow as much as our own produce as possible to use in our restaurant.  Vegetables we grow include beetroot, courgettes, carrots, broad beans, broccoli & cauliflower.  We also grow all of our own salads (lettuce, tomato and cucumber)  and herbs (thyme, coriander, mint, rosemary & basil). And we can’t forget our fruit: from an amazing peach & apple tree to pears, raspberries & redcurrants.

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